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Why Dogs and Dogs Owners Are Popular Puppets for Security Intelligence Agents

Thousands of dog owners are employed these days for security intelligence operations. Learn why....

Many state secret agents (those who have real power, watch in secret cameras, and dispatch people for secret operations) become mental and spiritual degenerates in their attempts to achieve CONTROL over other people. This definitely relates to many CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) agents, but many others are not far behind. While most ordinary people believe that secret agents possess some special information or very smart, in reality, newly hired agents are drilled, like pests to do one job: learn how to control other people, even to the point of destroying their lives. Thus, instead of protecting people and societies, many modern security agents are obsessed with control of everything and dog owners symbolize (in the heads of secret agents) mightiness and pet-like control of others.

Ideal Breathing for Maximum Brain and Body Oxygen Levels: SHALLOW

What is the ideal breathing pattern that proivdes the human body with maximum body oxygenation?

While most people believe that, when we breathe more at rest (for example, faster and/or deeper breathing), we get more oxygen in the blood and cells. Medical studies have proven that the more we breathe, the less oxygen is provided for all vital organs of the human body. Hence, ideal breathing corresponds to very slow and light and easy breathing.

Rules, Benefits and Restriction of Taking Cold Showers

This lifetysle factor brings numerous benefist provided that one follows certain rules and restrictions

Numerous benefits of taking a cold showers have been proven by numerous published studies. However, only Buteyko breathing medical practitioners were able to outline clear rules and restrictions since use of cold water will cause adverse effects in the sick. The central restriction relates to sufficient body oxygenation manifested in high breath holding time test results.

Best Sleeping Positions Medical Summary

Since health state of most people is worst in the morning, it is a very imporant topic.

Severely sick patients are more likely to die during early morning hours. Even most normal people feel worst during these times. While many modern sources claim goodness of sleeping on one’s back, medical research articles and clinical studies have clearly shown that supine sleep is the worst position that promotes all tested health problems. Body oxygenation test is the ultimate personal criteria in relation to selection of ideal sleeping positions.

Make Resolutions To Retrain Your Breathing and Get Oxygenated

Less than 10% of modern people have sufficient or normal body oxygen levels due to ... poor breathing

When you really think about it, breathing retraining is something that can have a tremendous impact on your health since the sick never have normal body oxygen levels. They never have normal breathing parameters at rest. Hence, retraining of your automatic breathing pattern is the way to go.

Breathing Frequency Defines Quality and Duration of Sleep

Our unconscious breathing pattern have a strong impact on our sleep

When we breathe faster and deeper than the medical norm (and this is the case for over 90% of modern people), we get less oxygen and carbon dioxide in the brain. Brain hypoxia and hypocapnia drastically worsen quality of sleep in most people leading to insomnia.

What Causes Diabetes? Low Oxygen Levels in Cells due to Heavy Breathing 24/7

Recent medical publications shed more light on diabetes and its key cause: low oxygen levels in cells caused by hyperventilation

Presence of chronic hyperventilation in people with diabetes has been found in all studies that measured minute ventilation in groups of people with diabetes. Overbreathing, according to laws of physiology, leads to lowered availability of oxygen in cells, while recent medical studies claim that tissue hypoxia, through over-expression of the HIF-1 (hypoxia inducible factor-1) is the key cause of degenerated beta-cells in pancreas, insulin resistance and obesity.

Nose Breathing Prevents Exercise-Induced Asthma

Millions of asthmatics experience adverse effects of physical exercise due to ... mouth breathing

For most people, mouth breathing during physical exercise reduces alveolar and arterial CO2 levels and prevents absorption of nasal nitric oxide produced in sinal cavities. Since CO2 is a powerful bronchodilator and vasodilator, mouth breathing causes bronchospasm and reduces oxygen transport to body cells. Nose breathing during exercise prevents most episodes of sport induced asthma.

Sleep Quality Mainly Depends on Breathing

Medical studies and clinical experience have found the link between breath and sleep

Our unconscious breathing pattern is the main factor that define quality of sleep. Since sick people have fast and deep breathing 24/7, they suffer from CO2 and O2 deficiencies in the brain and other vital organs. Breathing of healthy people is light and easy, we can hardly hear then during sleep. This light breathing provides the brain with sufficient oxygen and carbon dioxide for normal work of the nerve cells and great sleep.

HIV-AIDS: Breathing Patterns for Maximum Anti-infective Host Defense

How to improve cell-mediated immunity against HIV-AIDS with correct breathing

The goal of the correct breathing pattern is to generate maximum cell-mediated immunity against HIV-AIDS virus. Successful protective host immunity against most intracellular pathogens involves several types of the immune response. An optimum breathing pattern should also stimulate both protective cell-mediated immunity and specific antibody. Such respiratory patterns require slower and easier breathing (reduced minute ventilation), which is strictly nasal and diaphragmatic.