YouTube Buteyko and Breathing Videos by Dr. Artour Rakhimov

Website addresses of GoogleVideo and Youtube videos about the Buteyko breathing method



There are 31 Youtube videos produced by Dr. Artour Rakhimov about the Buteyko breathing technique and related topics. Some of these videos (earlier ones) can be found on GoogleVideo. He provides detailed explanation how breathing patterns influences body oxygenation, CO2 effects, body oxygen test, lifestyle factors for better body oxygen content and related effects.

Here are videos of the main playlist for Artour’s YouTube Channel:
01. DIY oxygenation test (Buteyko breathing method)
02. Breathing Patterns and Oxygenation of Human Tissues
03-A- Physiology (CO2-Vasodilation-Vasoconstriction; Buteyko Method)
03-B-Physiology (CO2-Bohr Effect; Buteyko method)
03-C- Physiology (CO2 brain-muscle effects) (Buteyko breathing method)
04-The main change in environment during human evolution
05-How we breathe in the morning (Buteyko breathing method)
06-A-Quality of life and sleep (the Buteyko breathing meth)
06-B-Breathing and energy, digestion and performance.
07-Quality of life in exceptional health
08- Ineffective breathing is the main cause of mortality in the sick
09-Bad genes affect health only if breathing is abnormal
10-1. How Lack of Exercise and Stress Decrease Body Oxygen Level and Destroy Health
10-2. Why Mouth Breathing and Lack of Swaddling Reduce Cell Oxygenation
10-3. Lifestyle Factors That Lower Body Oxygenation (nutritional deficiencies, overeating, overheating, …)
10-4. How and Why Most Medical Drugs and Toxins Harm Health

There are also short Buteyko YouTube videos devoted to certain topics such as:

Cancer Causes and Natural Treatment

Home Remedies for Cough
How to Stop Coughing Naturally
Cough Medicine, Syrups, and Best Cough Suppressants: CO2 and NO
Cold Showers Benefits – Dr KP Buteyko Swimming in Snow
Diaphragmatic-Abdominal Breathing vs. Chest Breathing in Modern People
Best Breathing Techniques: How To Choose Them and DIY Body Oxygen Test
What Causes Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Asthma? Heavy Breathing and Low O2 in Cells
Cure Heart Attack: Treatment with the Buteyko breathing exercise How to Sleep Less Naturally and Feel Better
We Do Not Notice When We Hyperventilate and Have Less O2 in Cells
The Greatest Health Superstition: Deep Breathing
The Best Ever Known Health Test (DIY)
3 Crucial Effects of Breathing on Brain and Mental Health
How to breathe for maximum body oxygenation?