Watson’s Little Albert Experiment, Negative Conditioning, and Modern National Security Agents

Famous Dr. Watson's Little Albert experiment has similarities with activities of secret agents



Some modern national security agents secretly use snaps-generated devices (while hiding somewhere else) as means of communication with other people. This initial situational factor (hiding from responsibility) predicts the results of such experimentation regardless of motivations, goals, stated objectives, specific details, and many other parameters of the situation.

I usually write about health, chronic diseases, breathing, and oxygen transport, but recent and past events shifted my priorities to areas of snaps, Watsonian conditioning (Dr. Watsons’s insinuations in relation to Little Albert), human communication, and emotional motivations of involved people. In order to be familiar with my views on Little Albert Experiment, one may search for my previous articles “Why Watsons’s Little Albert became the most distorted study in the history of psychology” and “The Cause of Little Albert Experiment: Dr. Watson’s Sexual Frustration”. I have little doubt that using snaps and furry objects was the result of Dr. Watsons’s sexual frustration caused by his aging and his traumatic childhood.

Various groups of secret agents have different understanding and usage of snaps in their work, when related to peaceful people or pseudo-terrorists (i.e., those who have no intention to harm others). Generally, only in a few areas of the USA and Canada, such snaps are popular or common. These operations technically involve use of tiny snaps-generating devices and secret cameras for perfect timing. Thus, one can immediately notice the same situational design as for Watson’s Little Albert study: someone with very pure and humanitarian intentions is hiding from results of his activities.

Leaders of national security communities either do not exist (in a spiritual sense) or provide their pupils (local agents) with outdated useless information related to manipulation of people. In addition, local agents do not have any control from own or other people and organizations. This factor breeds armies of security intelligence “artists” when any local representative of the national security agency feels like a free uninhibited Michelangelo where his local area is a canvas for him to express himself.

In order to understand the exact place of snaps in activities of such snap-using agents, one needs to visualize a person busy with some creative work that relates to his occupation. As you may know, all internet communication of any specific person can be totally controlled by national security secret agents. Security agents cannot control all communication between all people (such type of paranoia is common among various people interested in conspiracy theories), but to generate various types of PC or internet crap (producing snaps from a computer, moving mouse to anywhere) for a specific person is within agents’ reach. Snaps are organized using tiny devices that can be inserted in furniture, electronics, walls, and virtually everywhere. Agents are also equally well hidden. (Here is the exact reproduction of the situational factors pops up.)

Accidental snaps are likely to be annoying since leading PC manufacturers provide certain noise guarantees. Otherwise, the product cannot be used for its primary purpose. Therefore, if we consider modern laptops there are strict regulation related to noises generated by a particular type of laptops.

Therefore, snap-using agents go far beyond the accidental noise generation (again as Dr. John Watson, who is probably a kind of an idol for some agents – just imagine using state or public resources for generation of traumas). Producing snaps from the laptop usually have some ultra symbolic meaning and  some high purpose (in the highly excitable and CO2/O2 deficient brains of secret agents).

Indeed, it is not the first time when some one tried to attach a high social meaning to communication using snaps. We had exactly the same rock stars in the past. Another historical association relates to other devices used for production of snaps in the past. A typical whip would be another social situation of personal communication when someone tried using this highly intelligent language. It was very popular, for example, in ancient Rome.

Snap-using agents must also have very serious motivational forces rooted in their past negative conditioning, as in the case of Watson. It must have a reason that some people build cars and planes, others discover new lands and planets, third ones cure diseases, forth ones plant trees and flowers, and those that generate snaps.


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