Sleep Deprivation, Canadian Security Intelligence Service and Irish Secret Garda

Secret agents from Canadian CSIS and Irish Garda apply sleep deprivation against people who have no relation to terrorism.



Secret sleep deprivation of terrorism-unrelated people (using hidden noise-producing devices) is only one of criminal activities of the CSIS (the troubled Canadian Security Intelligence Service) and Irish Garda. In this review, we are going to focus mostly on the CSIS. While sleep deprivation is executed by local CSIS agents, the activity is organized and sanctioned by the very top (the practical top) of the CSIS in Ottawa.


Generally, various sources write about troubles of the CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) related to clearance of some security intelligence certificates and some other (“petty”) problems involving, for example, bureaucratic procedures. There are also cases of Irish people who left Ireland and applied for political asylum in continental Europe due to harassment and persecutions organized by Irish Secret Garda. However, new data suggests that their real troubles for these secret agencies are in the area that involves criminal activities. In this review, we are going to focus mostly on the CSIS.

Systematic sleep deprivation of terrorism-unrelated people is a common in-field clandestine operation that is approved and covered by the very top (the practical top) of the Canadian (and Irish) secret agencies. The term “practical top” of the CSIS applies to people who deal with real business of interactions with and influencing other people.

Official and hidden CSIS

As it is the problem with many national security organizations, they have the official ignorant part (such as their websites, regulations, laws, speakers, representatives for contacts with public media and sometimes even Directors) and the hidden part.

The hidden or practical part relates to those secret agents who secretly visit millions of ordinary people in order to involve them in special secret operations. These operations are generally never recorded, and their purpose is unknown to the public (i.e., one is supposed to invent some fantasy related to playing the “savior” game).

Here, we are going to discuss those agents who control internet; have unlimited access to all facilities; control central surveillance facilities (locations that gather and sometimes record information from millions of hidden cameras); dispatch ordinary people using phone calls (something that is again never recorded); and organize practical actions against other people.

These initial situational factors (lack of control, hidden nature of operations, absence of any records of such operations, access to tremendous amount of power over police, internet and other means of communication, etc.) create a breeding ground for criminals, who can use, for example, sleep deprivation against people with no terrorism connections.

How does secret sleep deprivation works?

Secret agents require any source of sharp crispy noise (e.g. snaps) to do the job. Man-made noises can be generated by special tiny devices inserted into holes or cracks of any object (like a chair, table, bed, wall, etc.). The device reacts to high-frequency electromagnetic impulse send from outside. Its principle of work is similar to cell phones. The generated noises can be as loud as the noise created when dry pieces of wood are broken or a small gun is fired. However, during sleep deprivation, the targeted person will not remember any noises or snaps. How is it possible?

As published studies on volunteers revealed, it is possible to generate noises of such intensity which do not wake up the person, but prevent him or her from having deep stages of sleep. Normally, the person has transition to a deeper sleep stage after each 10-15 minutes. In about 70-90 minutes when the person reaches the deepest sleep stage, the cycle starts all over again from REM (rapid eye movements) stage. Application of pulsing noise every 10-15 minutes results in shifts to more shallow sleep. The person can not reach deep sleep stages. Deep stages, on the other hand, are characterized by thorough relaxation of skeletal muscles and appearance of special slow waves in the brain. Absence of deep sleep stages means absence of proper rest for the brain and the muscles. After awakening, the person can not recall hearing any noises, but the quality of sleep was miserable and he feels like after nightmares.

Effects of night noise harassment

Daily behavior is characterized by sleepiness, more irritable mood, worsened memory, poor coordination and other physiological, mental and psychological disturbances. Total duration of sleep can reach 9-10 hours or even more. Many physiological changes are due to faster and heavy breathing (hyperventilation) that reduces arterial CO2 levels and body oxygen content. Additional effects relate to changes in circadian variations of hormones and other chemicals that control the most fundamental functions of the human body.

If the method is applied for several nights in row, the person can be on the verge of the psychological breakdown due to neurosis. The person gets particularly stressed by the similar or other noises even when they are natural and produced by usual devices and appliances.

Thus, depending on degree and duration of sleep deprivation, the person can be transformed into a semi-vegetable or vegetable state.

More details about Canadian CSIS

Application of sleep deprivation by local CSIS agents (with cover up from the CSIS top in Ottawa) is only one of the activities that are under the scope of the Canadian criminal law. Use of toxic chemicals and viruses are other examples that are unknown to the public, but common for local agents from Toronto, North York, Mississauga, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, and many other cities and geographical areas.

While the previous part of this document suggests that such operations can be initiated by local CSIS agents (i.e., as an act of personal revenge), practice shows that, while local CSIS agents have abundant opportunities for such “personal” criminal activities due to, for example, emotional or private reasons, there is no evidence, at the moment, that supports this idea. This means that for many years these criminal operations have been sanctioned from the very top (the practical top) of the CSIS. 

Irish Secret Garda and Retarded Management of Californian FBI

While most secret agents are able to control their emotions, most agents from Irish secret Garda (“national security” of Ireland) and top representatives of Californian FBI (leaders or managers) also demonstrated signs of mental degeneration. While behavior of Irish security intelligence agents is quite understandable (a small country that creates conditions for being marinated in their own juice), mental problems of leading Californian FBI agents deserve serious attention of mental health authorities of the USA.  


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Dr. Artour Rakhimov is from Canada. He is a health educator and the author of books and the educational website devoted to natural self-oxygenation and health education. When he has normal sleep, he writes articles about health, breathing patterns, oxygen delivery to cells, breathing techniques and other related topics. Every year, for some months, he is traveling outside Canada.