Does hyperventilation cause respiratory alkalosis or high Blood pH (Buteyko Method)?

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Hyperventilation causes deviations in blood PH. Hyperventilation reduces carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide is needed to keep blood PH acid. When carbon dioxide levels in the blood are reduced, the blood becomes more alkaline. More about hyperventilation and blood ph:…

If we are talking about health zones, ordinary people would be situated around health zone 3 (20Cp). As such, normal people breath too much, which causes carbon dioxide to be reduced in the blood. This makes the blood more alkaline (called respiratory alkalosis).

However, when we measure blood PH in people, we would not be able to see that the blood is actually alkaline. This is because our blood PH is tightly managed within a very narrow range from 7.35 to 7.45. So when the breath changes, the blood is still kept within this very narrow range.

So why did Dr. Buteyko talk about alkaline blood PH as a result of overbreathing?

Dr. Buteyko worked mainly with very sick patients. And when people are severely sick (hospitalized or even in emergency rooms with acute attacks etc.), they actually commonly would have respiratory alkalosis (no medical professional is going to argue with that). But when we talk about ordinary people who chronically hyperventilate (asthma or COPD patients even), this is actually not true. When we would ask a general practitioner who deals with normal (sick) people, they would tell you that blood PH is always in the normal range (even though these patients chronically hyperventilate). You can find more about the causes of hyperventilation here:…

So when people have these relatively mild forms of hyperventilation, they would have normal blood PH. The statement then that hyperventilation causes respiratory alkalosis, is not exactly correct. This only relates to severe hyperventilation. So when do people actually have respiratory alkalosis? The barrier would be around 10 CP and below. So when people go to an emergency room, they commonly would breathe around 25-30 Liters per minute. This correlates to around 5 CP. This is a huge difference as ordinary people breath around 12 Liters per minute and healthy people (according to Buteyko standards) breath only 6 Liters.

The URL of this video is:…

This video features Dr. Artour Rakhimov.

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