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Why Morning Buteyko CP Most Important Factor For Health?

This video will be about the morning control pause and its importance within the Buteyko Breathing Method. Why are students advised to measure the morning CP and what is the role of the morning CP? In the original protocol written by Dr. Buteyko, the students were given 2 ways to measure their progression of CP […]

Essence Of the Buteyko Method

Dr. Artour has heard this question many times during over 15 years of teaching the Buteyko breathing retraining method. Many students and Buteyko teachers (practitioners or educators) asked him, “What is the key in the Buteyko method?” or “What is most important in the Buteyko breathing technique?”. The same question was discussed many times by […]

How To Measure CO2 levels?

In this video, I will explain how you can measure carbon dioxide (CO2) with the use of certain devices. As students progress with their level of health (according to the Buteyko table of health zones) their symptoms would decrease and the need for medication would become less and less. When level 7 is reached virtually […]

Does hyperventilation cause respiratory alkalosis or high Blood pH (Buteyko Method)?

Hyperventilation causes deviations in blood PH. Hyperventilation reduces carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide is needed to keep blood PH acid. When carbon dioxide levels in the blood are reduced, the blood becomes more alkaline. More about hyperventilation and blood ph:… If we are talking about health zones, ordinary people would be situated around health […]