Cure Canine Cancer Fast and Easy With Diet (Tumors/Inflammation in Dogs Naturally Reversed)

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It is easy to reverse cancer in dogs with carnivore diet. This diet is a natural solution to other canine diseases related to inflammation, arthritis, and skin problems.

Misha Sakharoff discusses the evolution of our digestive system and how our stomach pH is 1.5 which is very acidic and similar to cats and dogs, How he has reversed cancer naturally in 5 different dogs by switching their diet to only animal products and how he also uses a Buteyko device to simulate CO2 levels and conditions naturally found in their dens, which will also improve there body oxygen levels.

Dr. Artour Rakhimov and Misha Sakharoff then discuss how dogs can tolerate high levels of CO2 up to 15-20% and how such levels would be lethal for humans as they can only tolerate levels of CO2 up to 8%. Misha Sakharoff then explains how cancerous heart tumors are often common in dogs and how he has found it takes around 2-4 months to reverse metastasis in dogs using his method.

He has tried his technique several times in different breeds of dogs all around the world with people who have consulted him and have had fantastic scans and fantastic stories.

He introduces his dog and first client Teddy, who had to be operated on at just 1 year old and how he managed to reverse chronic inflammation in his joints with his method. Misha Sakharoff explains how Teddy ate expensive salmon with many additives and how after removing this and feeding him only animal foods with no additives the inflammation disappeared. Now Teddy is 7 years old and has never had any health problems since.

Misha Sakharoff then links back to how we have to look back to the evolution of our digestive system, to the p.h. of our stomach, how our large intestine is short relative to other omnivores, how our small intestine is very large and powerful, almost 6 meters in length and how we can survive without our large intestine. He then goes onto explain how the large intestine and the small intestine have different microbiota values and how if we have bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine it can affect how we naturally ingest fats and if it is done in the right manner. He also says in his opinion over the next 10 or so years we will need to reevaluate many things we think are 100% true about human physiology.

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