First Love Breakups Can Affect Males Too: Heal Relationship Traumas With NDT – Interview with Lynn Himmelman


First Love Breakups For Males: Heal Relationship Traumas With NDT – Interview with Lynn Himmelman, NDT Master Trainer

Men that experienced a traumatic first love breakup in their relationships can grow from this with the help of the New Decision Therapy. In this video, NDT teacher’s Dr. Artour Rakhimov and Lynn discuss this topic. Guys can have a similar, as females, type of trauma related to their first love breakups in their relationships. Many men are struggling with this. Also, many men have been sexually assaulted. It could have been by an older woman or sometimes by another man. Collectively, male and female and whatever sexual preference someone is NDT applies to anyone that has gone through a trauma and is still feeling stuck in their lives.

Experiencing a traumatic situation with a first love relationship breakups for males or other events has a drastic effect on our body-oxygen levels due to increased breathing days and nights. When we participate in the New Decision Therapy, our emotional pain can be healed. This has a considerable effect on improving our mental and physical health as well with reduced symptoms for many chronic diseases. In the holistic view, our emotions are connected to our physical and mental well-being.

Being overwhelmed with emotions such as anxiety, fear, anger, guilt, depression and other similar emotions from a traumatic experience, such as first love-breakup for males and females, limit our potential to fully live.

These emotions are stored deeply in the subconscious from a traumatic event and they contribute to decreasing body-oxygen levels and a state of health. People that frequently experience these emotions tend to over-breathe when measuring their unconscious breathing patterns.

Overbreathing occurs by taking large frequent inhales and by mouth breathing. Overbreathing, because of reduced body oxygen content, encourages chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes, bronchitis, cancer and many other diseases to persist. That leads to an overall decline in people’s state of health. This creates a cycle where their poor physical makes it harder to have clarity, positive emotions and to concentrate.

Dr. Artour Rakhimov, apart from teaching the NDT to his breathing students, focuses on slowing down unconscious breathing patterns and this improves your state of physical health. Improving body-oxygen levels will limit any damage created by traumatic past experiences. With an increase in body-oxygen levels, there is an increase of positive emotions and it becomes easier to concentrate and increase your clarity.

The medical norm for breathing is 40 seconds according to the control pause test or your body-oxygen levels. These levels will create a resiliency to face any stressors. Also, the willingness to balance life is greatly improved. People with body-oxygen levels of 40 to 60 seconds experience many health benefits such as sleeping less, having more energy and having a desire to exercise. These benefits help to further increase body-oxygen levels and minimize the effects of negative emotions on our well-being.

More about first love breakups and their healing with the NDT (New Decision Therapy) for both, males and females can be found on this page .

The title of this video series is “Trauma Release with Forgiveness Using NDT (New Decision Therapy): Energy Healing Technique“.

Dr. Artour Rakhimov interviewed Lynn Himmelman in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Lynn Himmelman, B.Sc., B. Mus.

NDT Certified Master Practitioner (Trained by Kandis Blakely, creator of the New Decision Therapy)

NDT Master Trainer & Certifier of NDT Practitioners

Kantillation Practitioner and Trainer

Playlist for Part 1 of this video series: Trauma Healing with New Decision Therapy: Forgiveness Body Energy Trauma-Release Technique – Interview with Lynn Himmelman, NDT Master Trainer

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