Female Relationship Problems Commonly Originate From Unresolved First Love Breakup Trauma



The New Decision Therapy helps to heal from a traumatic first relationship to allow yourself to live life to the fullest. In this video, New Decision Therapy practitioners Dr. Artour Rakhimov and Lynn discuss this topic. This is another type of common trauma when someone breaks up with their first boyfriend and later on it can cause a vicious cycle of unhealthy relationships.

Do you find that quite common for people that come to the NDT? It shows up for a lot of males and females that have the misfortune of going through relationship after relationship and so forth. They get really downhearted and without hope. It usually stems from a first love or there could have been some kind of sexual harassment or molestation that occurred before their first relationship. This infers with making proper choices in who a person decides to be with.

The NDT helps to heal any emotional abuse. In the holistic perspective, when someone’s emotions are healed they will improve spiritually and physically as well. Dr. Artour Rakhimov teaches about the world-renowned Buteyko method and his own invention the do-it-yourself device to increase body-oxygen levels or control pause test levels.

Dr. Artour Rakhimov’s breathing retraining course includes many important lifestyle factors to keep high oxygen levels within the body for the whole day and night. Some of the lifestyle factors include diet, physical exercise, proper sleep conditions, grounding, supplements, focal infections and other points. When increasing body-oxygen levels or the CP, it helps to make you more resilient to stress.

Additionally, concentration, focus and clarity are greatly improved. With higher body-oxygen levels it helps to improve sleep quality and shorten the amount of time needed for restful sleep. Performing physical activity becomes much easier to do and it becomes desirable and even needed to do any physical activities. This creates a healthy cycle to further increase body-oxygen levels and find healthy relationships in future.

Digestion becomes considerably improved and less food is now needed to feel full. Also, raw foods become desirable. Maintaining a proper posture becomes natural and this, in turn, helps to improve CP levels. Many of these changes occur unconsciously once a higher body-oxygen level has been achieved.

Problems in personal relationships make people more susceptible to having anger, depression and other strong or negative emotions that contribute to overbreathing. This, in turn, reduces body oxygenation and promotes chronic diseases, such as …. As a result, we can apply breathing retraining to reduce negative effects of these emotional problems and first love breakups on our emotional and physical health. .

The Buteyko method has become very popular in Russia, Australia and many other countries. Many critical and various health conditions are treated with it. Some of these include asthma, bronchitis, liver-cirrhosis, HIV-AIDS, cancer, diabetes and many others. There are lots of medical studies on Dr. Artour Rakhimov’s website www.normalbreathing.com. Many articles and discussions can be also be found there as well. Additionally, there are many more discussions involving a variety of topics on his YouTube channel.

More about effects and treatment of first love breakups with the NDT (New Decision Therapy) for both, males and females https://www.normalbreathing.com/ndt/1-first-love-breakup.php .

The title of this video series is “Trauma Release with Forgiveness Using NDT (New Decision Therapy): Energy Healing Technique“.

Dr. Artour Rakhimov interviewed Lynn Himmelman in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Lynn Himmelman, B.Sc., B. Mus.

NDT Certified Master Practitioner (Trained by Kandis Blakely, creator of the New Decision Therapy)

NDT Master Trainer & Certifier of NDT Practitioners

Kantillation Practitioner and Trainer


Playlist for Part 1: Trauma Release with New Decision Therapy: Forgiveness Body Energy Trauma-Healing Technique – Interview with Lynn Himmelman, NDT Master Trainer

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This YouTube description was partially created with participation of Chris Prokop (Mississauga, Canada).

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