Trauma Effects on Emotions/Peception, Trauma Body Location – Interview with Lynn Himmelman, NDT Master Trainer



The root of trauma in the body is healed through the New Decision Therapy. Dr. Artour Rakhimov and Lynn, both New Decision Therapy practitioners, discuss this topic: Where is the trauma specifically stored in the body? How can trauma distort our emotions and perception?

Many people involved in meditation associate trauma to be stored in brain cells. Kandis Blakely, the founder of the NDT, has a book written about trauma being stored in the whole body. In terms of the reproduction of trauma, it can show up physically. Lynn’s personal experience of trauma is that it was stored in her body. She has seen continuously this with numerous clients. Trauma can show up from emotional anomalies where we can not seem to get it together. This is where emotional overreaction starts to play out.

Mentally we can think we have a clear perspective on what is true, but trauma clouds our perception and we can not see the real truth of the matter. This is one key aspect where the NDT plays an important role. It helps to lift that cloudy perception or blindfold. So we can see the truth of the matter. Once we see the truth, everything else dissipates and it no longer has a hold on us. Even spiritually trauma can affect us. Our well-being is like four legs of a table each leg being named physical, emotional, mental and spiritual that keep us in balance. They are a foundation that keeps our lives stable. The NDT has this really wonderful way of getting to the heart of the matter. Where does the trauma actually sit? It sits in the cells of our body. With the NDT techniques that Kandis created, we actually have a way of finding the pathway to the trauma and exposing it so it no longer has a hold on us.

More about effects of psychological trauma or mental trauma can be found here: Trauma effects on perceptions and emotions – .

This is video 4 in Part 1. The title of the whole video series is “Trauma Release with Forgiveness Using NDT (New Decision Therapy): Energy Healing Technique“.

Dr. Artour Rakhimov interviewed Lynn Himmelman in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The above description was created by Chris Prokop.

Lynn Himmelman, B.Sc., B. Mus.

NDT Certified Master Practitioner

NDT Master Trainer & Certifier of NDT Practitioners

Kantillation Practitioner and Trainer

Laughter Yoga Teacher and Trainer

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