Treat Chronic Arthritis Fast and Naturally with … Breathing Retraining [100% Success Rate?]


Fast and natural treatment for chronic arthritis with 100% success rate for those who retrained their breath

In this video, Dr. Artour Rakhimov and Volker Schmitz talk about the relation between arthritis and breathing retraining. Dr. Artour has experience with breathing retraining students that had arthritis. The most common symptom of people with arthritis is having pain in the joints. Dr. Buteyko and other Soviet doctors had thousands of breathing retraining students that had arthritis. They managed to solve this health condition by breathing retraining. The students would slow down their automatic breathing patterns. More about breathing retraining for chronic arthritis:

Most people would not notice a correlation between their breathing to arthritis. Dr. Artour’s type of breathing retraining looks to normalize breathing patterns towards the medical norm. These days 97% to 99% of people breathe twice more than the medical norm. This would equal to 6 litres per minute. People do not notice that they breathe too much. The immune system becomes negatively affected from this hyperventilation. By using the measurements of the control pause test, the medical norm should be 40 seconds, but people have 10 to 15 seconds. People with initial stages of arthritis already have reduced oxygen content in their body. This signifies that the immune system is suppressed and is not able to get rid of inflammation. This occurs in a similar way for people with asthma and other inflammatory conditions: .

When people with arthritis train their breathing to the medical norm, they notice that they have less pain. This occurs after only one breathing session that is just 15 to 20 minutes long. The student’s breathing becomes slower during the day after a breathing session. In 2 weeks, many students can have an increase of over 5 seconds for the CP test or the body-oxygen test. The CP test is on Dr. Artour’s website and he has videos on his YouTube channel describing it in detail. The breathing retraining students notice that their pain is reduced all the time.

Eventually, breathing retraining students get 35 to 40 seconds for the CP test. This is a relatively difficult number to achieve. Most other health conditions require a much lower number to eliminate their symptoms. Breathing retraining requires lifestyle changes including physical exercise and other changes. By 35 to 40 seconds on the CP test students have their symptoms completely disappear. When taking x-rays, people with arthritis have many abnormalities in their body. These abnormalities can disappear or become reduced after 2 to 3 weeks of a breathing retraining course. With 40 to 60 seconds on the CP, test these abnormalities would completely disappear.

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The video features Volker Schmitz and Dr. Artour who was trained by people who worked with the originator of the Buteyko Breathing method, Dr. Konstantin Buteyko. A mountain of scientific research and information about Buteyko Breathing can be found on Dr. Artour’s website,, and Dr. Artour’s books on Buteyko Breathing can be found through

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