Bronchitis Cured Fast [100% Success] with Breathing Exercises and Buteyko Method – Interview with Dr. Artour

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Many our students completely cured their bronchitis and eliminated all symptoms and medication just by slowing down their breathing back to the medical norm.

In this video, Dr. Artour Rakhimov and Volker Schmitz expand on the relation between bronchitis and breathing retraining. Bronchitis develops from inflammation in the bronchial tubes. When people have chronic inflammation, they have mucus that hardens and it harbours bacteria. These people get a constriction of their airways. They develop symptoms of coughing and they get respiratory infections. Also, they get infections that show up as yellow or green mucus. Dr. Artour Rakhimov has a link below with a 3d animation that shows bronchospasm occurring.

The following 3 factors are prevalent in bronchitis and asthma. All people with these health conditions hyperventilate. They breathe twice more than the medical norm. This causes low CO2 levels in the airways and low oxygen in the cells of the body. It also makes the smooth muscles of the body constricted. This causes airways to become more narrow. People have lots of inflammation and their cells become much larger in size. That makes airways much smaller. Additionally, people have a thicker layer of mucus and it does not provide resistance to bacteria. This bacteria multiplies and spreads in the layer of mucus. In turn, breathing gets even heavier and they get even more problems with coughing. More about natural treatment of bronchitis with the Buteyko Method and breathing retraining, as a great alternative medicine technique: .

Beginners with bronchitis that start breathing retraining are too slow down their breathing. They are to breathe to get to the medical norm and to achieve normal breathing as the final goal. When they first start doing a breathing session, they notice that they stop coughing. After one breathing session, some students had stopped coughing by half of what they previously coughed. People can learn how to stop coughing and prevent an asthma attack in a few minutes. There are other videos explaining this in detail on Dr. Artour Rakhimov’s main YouTube channel.

When students continue their breathing retraining course to achieve 35 to 40 seconds for the body-oxygen test, their breathing becomes much slower. Also, their immune system becomes more active as it naturally suppresses bacteria in lungs for those who have bronchitis. Their airways become diluted and breathing becomes easier. To achieve this level for the body-oxygen test it would take many weeks. Eventually, when students achieve 45 to 40 seconds on the body-oxygen test or the CP test all types of coughing and other bronchitis symptoms are gradually eliminated. Bronchospasm completely disappears and no more medication for bronchitis is required.

Bronchitis is a relatively much easier health condition to recover from. It is easier compared to other health conditions such as diabetes or heart disease. Bronchitis can be solved with breathing retraining. It requires 1 to 2 hours of breathing retraining daily and later on also physical exercise is required to maintain good health. Volker’s students that have 30 seconds for the morning body-oxygen test do not get sick from the flu or other types of common respiratory sicknesses.

The YouTube URL of this video is: Bronchitis Cure – /.

The video features Dr. Artour Rakhimov, health educator, breathing teacher and trainer together with Volker Schmitz from Hamburg, Germany. Dr. Artour is the author of the website

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