Cancer Therapies: Breathing Retraining with LCHF Keto Diet to Increase Oxygen and Reduce Glucose


One of Dr. Artour Rakhimov’s students and now Buteyko practitioner Misha Sakharoff added a new area: how to use LCHF keto diet for cancer treatment as a part of the breathing retraining program. Low carb high fat diets can be exceptionally beneficial in improving one’s health. People using breathing retraining can successfully eliminate cancer by only using this method, but it is a very hard program to solely use it. In order to get clinical remission from cancer, patients have to practice lots of breathing retraining and physical exercise. They can use the Buteyko method, Frolov device, DIY device and other effective devices. The immune system becomes strong enough to start to eliminate cancer cells naturally. Misha started to use the application of diet, in addition to breathing program, for cancer treatment.

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A lot of research can be found in the relation of diet to eliminating cancer cells. Cancer cells survive on blood glucose. Blood glucose rises after meals and most people have too high glucose levels from eating lots of carbs. This type of eating promotes the growth of cancer cells in patients.

When people do water fasting, they go into a state of ketosis. In one study, people fasted for about 10 to 30 days. People lost some of their body weight. After that time period, it gets dangerous for losing body weight. We have a certain amount of carbs stored in our body. If we go running these carbs stay in our body for no longer than 2 hours. The application of fasting reduced cancer cells in studies. The growth of new tumours occurs because of low body-oxygen levels in the body. Moreover, an additional effect of ketones in the blood is that they are able to suppress cancer cells.

The difficulties of fasting are that you can not fast for many months and it is a hard process. Another solution is to take out carbs and starch from the diet. This includes grains, potatoes, rice, wheat, corn, oats and so on. Also, most fruits can raise blood sugar levels.

The ketogenic diet uses about 20 grams of carbs per day. To adapt to a diet without carbs can take about 1 to 3 weeks or more depending on your control pause level or body-oxygen level. The body is forced to use its own fat resources. The body has lots of fat stored, but the problem is when you are eating carbs all the time then the fat resources are unused.

Glucose is a substance that is naturally present, but it is an emergency chemical. Humans started to use carbs in their diet about 10,000 years ago. It is used as the main energy source in people’s diet. In contrast, using a diet low in carbs provides a similar physiological effect to fasting. People’s blood sugar will be kept low and ketones will be used as a main source of energy.

Intermittent fasting can also be used to provide a build up of ketones in the body. There are other possibilities to keep the blood sugar low and have a high level of ketones. Volker Schmitz has been on the ketogenic diet for about 1 year. It is not difficult with a proper amount of knowledge. Currently, the diet has a variety of foods to choose from. For example, you can eat noodles from zucchini as a creative replacement.

In summary, a low oxygen and a high sugar environment in the body allows cancer to grow. If we address both of these it is much more effective to improve your health. In recent news, doctors were testing the ketogenic diet on cancer in clinical trials. There is a lot of interest in using this diet with this very serious health condition. Using the ketogenic diet and breathing retraining are powerful solutions to help reverse cancer. Breathing retraining is still the central part of cancer treatment because the effectiveness of the ketogenic diet is that it allows people to have easier breathing. According to the Buteyko table of health, having a higher CP strengthens the immune system and this allows it to attack the malignant cells. A higher CP fights cancer and prevents it in the long term.

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