Stop Seizures in 2-3 Min Fast and Naturally with Easy Buteyko Breathing Exercise


In this second video, Dr. Artour Rakhimov and Volker Schmitz continue on the topic of breathing retraining and its relation to treatment of epilepsy and how to stop seizures naturally. This simple natural breathing exercises stopped seizures in hundreds of our breathing students in about 2-3 minutes or really fast. The exercise has up to 70-80% success rate if applied correctly and it is the mots natural technique since it does not require any objects or substances.

It is called Buteyko Emergency Procedure or reduced breathing exercise. Start with a small natural exhalation and then hold your breath comfortably (usually for about 10-20 seconds). Then, while keeping the mouth closed all the time, stat inhaling little less air than you normally would do. Inhale little less air and relax to exhale while maintaining light level of air hunger during this stop-seizures exercise. The video provides a graph that shows the pattern for this reduced breathing (a blue line). More details are here “How to Stop or Prevent Seizures in 2-3 Min (Breathing Exercise)” .

Students that achieve over 30 seconds on the control pause test after sleep in the morning completely got rid of seizures. Also, these students do not require medication any longer. One breathing retraining student had seizures for 50 years and would have them eliminated. Students need to maintain a high CP level to assure they do not get any seizures.

Epilepsy is one specific disorder where students need to achieve a higher CP level to eliminate their symptoms. It can be challenging as students require more effort for the breathing retraining course. Students get 30 seconds for the morning body-oxygen test (after sleep) if they practice 90 minutes of breathing exercises daily. Also, by doing 90 minutes or 2 hours of physical exercise daily depending on how intensive the exercising is. It could be much less if you have a healthy lifestyle already. Other factors such as diet have a strong effect on the CP level.

There are additional lifestyle factors, such as sleep positions and mouth taping that allows people with epilepsy prevent seizures during sleep. Here are more details .

Over 200 Soviet medical doctors trained by Dr. Buteyko confirm the positive effect of a high body-oxygen level on epilepsy. Thousands of people with epilepsy were able to have a complete remission with breathing retraining courses. Other techniques such as diet, meditation and so forth were successful as well in people getting complete remission. What is the relation between breathing and having these epileptic attacks? If somebody with epilepsy starts to hyperventilate, they reduce carbon dioxide in their blood. On Dr. Artour Rakhimov’s website, Soviet doctors explain what happens when we hyperventilate.

Another point is that when CO2 is reduced, the threshold of excitable of nerve cells is reduced. Dr. Artour Rakhimov recommends a phrase from experimental brain research that hyperventilation leads to a spontaneous and a synchronizing firing of neurons. All parts of the brain can start to send signals. These signals can be unrelated to the environment or what we think about. This signal can be amplified a lot and many parts of the brain get this electrical activity. At this point, a seizure has started to occur. Volker asked, “does reduced oxygen relate to hyperventilation?”. Not having enough oxygen in the brain can be a secondary effect. It is hard to say exactly. Possibly what happens during hyperventilation and with reduced oxygen in the brain is that the brain uses an aerobic mechanism. That can produce lactate acid. Also, hyperventilation reduces blood flow. It is exceptionally well studied by medicine.

If students have a regular diet then they use glucose as their energy source. This would reduce blood flow. The brain consumes half of our energy. It is one of the most active organs even in states of rest.
With breathing retraining courses we normalize blood flow to the brain. Oxygen levels in the brain are improved and the excitability of nerve cells get up to the norm. Western doctors also concluded that hyperventilation causes seizures in people with people that have a genetic predisposition to epilepsy.
When people with epilepsy are given CO2 to breathe, they will able to avoid seizures as well. Several pages on mention this information. Additionally, breathing slower is used as an emergency procedure before a seizure occurs.

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The video features two Buteyko breathing practitioners Dr. Artour Rakhimov (Toronto, Canada) and Volker Schmitz (Hamburg, Germany). Dr. Artour is a health educator, Amazon writer and the author/creator of the website

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