How to Tape Mouth for Good Night Sleep: Prevent Nocturnal Oral Breathing


In this video, Dr. Artour Rakhimov and Volker Schmitz discuss mouth taping for nose breathing before sleep for having taped lips the whole night to prevent nocturnal oral breathing and keep the lips and mouth closed.

Mouth taping can help people reduce heavy breathing while sleeping patterns. Russian physician, Dr. Buteyko, discovered that heavy breathing at night exacerbates chronic health conditions. Night-time breathing is important because many disease conditions manifest when sleeping.

Volker demonstrates how to place the tape on the mouth to prevent mouth breathing at night. Volker demonstrates the vertical, horizontal, and side taping positions across the mouth. Dr. Artour talks about how some people are afraid to tape their mouths; however, it has been proven effective and safe.
Dr. Artour and Volker both agree that if one wakes up with a dry mouth in the morning, then mouth taping can be an ingenious solution to keeping one’s mouth closed while sleeping. Heavy breathing is less likely to happen during sleep when one’s mouth is closed.

Thousands of students use this mouth taping technique with amazing results. More details are here: . The Spanish verwsion of this page is “Cómo dormir con su boca cerrada: tápela durante la noche” – .

About 80 to 90 percent of the people that perform this technique will notice a huge difference in how they feel in the morning. It is very inexpensive to purchase the tape needed. In this video, a broad type of mouth tape is shown. Ordinary surgical tape (3M) from a pharmacy can be used. About 5 to 6 centimetres of tape is required over the mouth. If you are scared to totally close your mouth, you can apply tape on half of the mouth. It is even possible to apply the tape if you have a beard. You can use some vaseline, cream or oil to make it easier to take off if the tape is very sticky. There is a survey of about 5,000 cases of individuals that used mouth taping. Only 1 or 2 individuals had minor problems because they had very sticky tape and in the morning they had some bleeding. Volker and Dr. Rakhimov recommend experimenting with different tapes to get one that is most suitable for yourself.

How can people over time stop the need for mouth taping? Mouth taping can look weird and most people prefer to just use it for about a few months. When people change their breathing patterns 24/7, the number one cause of snoring, they will not need to use mouth taping to keep the lips closed. Mouth sealing with a surgical tape is a short-term solution for snoring. Our body-oxygen test can be measured with a simple DIY test. People that snore have less than 20 seconds for the test. When people breathe through their nose at night, their morning control pause test will be better. At about 25 seconds for the test, no more mouth taping is required for the test. Some people that have improved their body-oxygen test still use the tape for specific situations. When people drink alcohol, this makes them breathe with their mouth at night to keep the mouth closed. They will use mouth taping for these specific nights. This is not ideal as alcohol also lowers body-oxygen levels. Additionally, people that eat a meal very late at night will use mouth taping.

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