Candida, Worms, H Pylori, Hominis and Poor GI Flora Cause Cold Feet: Interview with Dr. Artour Rakhimov


Artour Rakhimov

In this video, Dr. Artour Rakhimov addresses the question “What are the causes of cold feet?”. Individuals with poor circulation or Raynaud’s disease have this issue and they often use medications to try to solve it. The official stance of medicine is that Raynaud’s disease is incurable. Certain people with this problem can not fall asleep without having hot water bottles by their feet. Also, having cold feet prevents many people from falling asleep at night.

An additional cause of cold feet can be related to digestion problems. People with Candida albicans infection, Blastocystis hominis, Helicobacter pylori (H. Pylori) overgrowth and some other infections, they experience very cold feet all the time (hands can be warm). This is due to toxins caused by poor digestion and the poor state of the digestive system. These pathogens grow in our gut. The solution is to address digestive problems by having a selective diet of safe foods, chewing well, exercising with lots of perspiration (very important factor), and many other steps. The solution to solve any digestive problems is very similar. When people achieve 30 to 40 seconds for the body oxygen test, virtually all digestive and circulating problems go away. See these page for details: .

One of the causes of cold feet is due to digestion problems and toxins produced by these pathogens. Individuals that have Candida Albicans infection, H-Pylori overgrowth and some other infections, experience cold feet for most of the time. These problems are a result of poor digestion and an ineffective digestive system. Also, pathogens develop in our gut. The answer to getting rid of these digestive problems is to eat specific safe foods. Additionally, chewing your food well, exercising till you sweat lots (a vital factor) and many other steps are helpful. The solution for many other digestive problems follows similar rules. When people improve their body oxygen test to 30 to 40 seconds, most digestive problems are solved.

In addition to a breathing retraining program, students suffering from cold feet will have to put in extra effort to address diet and lifestyle changes. The primary solution is to shift breathing patterns to eliminate this problem. Furthermore, warming up the feet is one of the three points of proper breathing exercise effects. The majority of people feel these sensations in one to two minutes, but some individuals need about a week’s time of breathing retraining to experience them.

Dr. Rakhimov provides the option of having classes for Buteyko breathing practitioners. In these courses, students are taught how to become teachers and design their own practice.
Also, they are shown how to teach a set of lectures with powerpoint. These lectures can be set up by a practitioner in their local area of living (preferably in the EU, UK, Canada, USA, Australia or New Zealand) or by Dr. Rakhimov himself. Students that achieve higher than 30+ seconds for the morning control pause test, can join the advanced course. The advanced course helps students to reach 45 to 50 seconds and more for their MCP. In addition, there are lessons for learning helpful skills to address specific health conditions.

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