Causes of cold hands and feet: Treat Raynaud’s naturally – Interview with Dr. Artour Rakhimov

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Artour Rakhimov

How to treat Raynaud’s disease naturally and fast: use powerful breathing retraining exercises to warm up cold feet and hands and retrain your breath up to the medical norm to achieve a clinical remission. The main cause of cold feet and hands is reduced circulation or poor blood flow to extremities of the body. In this video, Dr. Artour Rakhimov addresses the question, “What are the causes of cold hands and feet?”.

Details are here: “Cold Hands and Cold Feet: Causes and Remedies” Treatment of cool extremities:
The Spanish translation of this page is here “Causas de Manos y Pies Fríos: Causas, Síntomas y Significado, Remedios Naturales” .

People with poor circulation or Raynaud’s disease have this problem and they usually try to use medications to solve it. The official position of medicine is that Raynaud’s disease is incurable. Here is a solution that always works.

Some people can not fall asleep without having water bottles by their feet. Having cold feet prevents people from falling asleep at night. This circulation problem relates to a lack of carbon dioxide. The people that hyperventilate make up the majority of the modern population. On the homepage of, there are brain images. It shows two brains, one with normal breathing on the left side. While on the right side the brain experienced hyperventilation after one minute. This means normal breathing allows normal CO2 levels. In turn, normal CO2 allow proper circulation to the extremities. Hands and feet get circulation from vasodilation or expansion of the arteries. While, there is reduced blood flow up to two times from hyperventilation. Hyperventilation is the number one cause of cold hands and feet.

From the practical observation of Dr. Rakhimov’s students, they have their hands and feet get warm after one or two minutes of reduced breathing or using breathing devices. This problem can be solved temporarily with breathing exercises, but a long- term solution requires correcting breathing patterns. Significant improvements happen when you change your breathing patterns to the medical norm. It can take weeks or sometimes months of time to change breathing patterns. Lifestyle factors, physical exercise and breathing exercises are needed for these changes. When we achieve 20 seconds for the body oxygen test, it will completely eliminate having cold hands and feet. Some people can require 25 or 30 seconds for the test. This will result in a lot more energy, a better quality of sleep, improved digestion and many more positive effects.

Along with a breathing retraining program, these students will have to put in extra effort to address diet and lifestyle changes. The main solution is to change breathing patterns to completely get rid of this problem. Additionally, warming up hands and feet is one of the three factors of proper breathing exercise effects. Most people experience these sensations in one or two minutes, but some people require about a week’s time of breathing retraining to feel them.

Even Raynaud’s Disease can be reversed and cured completely with breathing normalization. See this page for details: Raynaud’s Syndrome: Poor Circulation Is Caused by Over-Breathing – . The Spanish version can be found here: “Enfermedad de Raynaud: Una falta de CO2 y electrones” .

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