Causes of a runny nose and how to treat it – Interview with Dr. Artour Rakhimov


A runny nose may relate to nasal drop or production of extra mucus in sinuses caused due to foods in diet (dairy products, milk, starches, meat and fish, etc.), infections, a lack of good bacteria in sinuses and other causes. This leads to the overactive secretory system causing too much phlegm, usually of white or transparent quality (not green or yellow signifying bacterial or viral infections).

In this video, Dr. Artour Rakhimov addresses the question, “What are the causes of a runny nose and how can we deal with it?”. The web page that addresses this topic is here: For the Spanish version “Rinorrea: remedio y cura”, see .

Dr. Artour Rakhimov had many students with nasal drip or too much mucus. There are many different causes, such as eating milk, meat or starches that exacerbate the problem by creating excess mucus. Many people can get complete remission from their symptoms just by diet changes alone. Most people experiencing these symptoms already suffer from chronic hyperventilation. Hyperventilation is present in 97-99 % of the modern population who are unaware of the problem. Breathing in more air provides you with less oxygen according to the body oxygen test. People that suffer from a runny nose usually have less than 20 seconds on the body oxygen test. While the medical norm is 40 seconds. Having too little oxygen in the body suppresses the immune system. This creates an environment where pathogens grow in the body. Also, the body’s systems become hyperactive that leads to increased mucus.

When a person improves their body oxygen level, it solves the problem of having a runny nose. It takes about getting 23-35 seconds on the body oxygen test for the individual to only have short episodes of a runny nose. When people reach 35 seconds for the test, the problem disappears. Breathing retraining techniques are used to impact unconscious breathing patterns by practicing them about 1 to 2 hours per day. Furthermore, physical exercise with strictly nasal breathing is used. Lastly, lifestyle changes relating to sleep and diet are utilized. The lifestyle changes are to mostly target improving the body oxygen test level.

When a person notices improvements in their body oxygen test they also experience their breathing slowing down and becoming closer to the medical norm. Getting improvements on the body oxygen test alone will eliminate having a runny nose. This is a totally natural health solution that solves this health problem. More details are here: . The Spanish translation of this page is here “Cómo detener una Rinorrea (deshacerse de ella rápidamente)” .

The body oxygen(control pause) test is a fundamental part of breathing retraining. The test is performed before and after a breathing session to notice the effectiveness of individual sessions and long term improvements (specifically weekly changes and longer). The most important CP test is taken in the morning because of the drastic effects of sleep on most people’s breathing patterns. There are many benefits that come with achieving 30 – 40 seconds for the CP test, but the most significant changes to energy levels and health come with about 50 seconds. Previous addictions stop and a natural desire to eat raw foods develops. While sleep quantity lessens and its quality greatly improves.

Dr. Artour Rakhimov has Skype classes for students that are already practicing breathing retraining. The classes can significantly improve your health and your body oxygen level. Students will benefit a lot more from these classes if they are practicing with the DIY device or the Frolov device. Furthermore, it will help the student if they have been reading the vast amount of free information on the modules of

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