Do sleep postures really matter? Interview with Dr. Artour Rakhimov


Sleep positions, sleeping postures for people with cancer and diabetes. How patients with heart disease and asthma should sleep? Do postures during sleep influence health of people with COPD and HIV-AIDS? Can sleep positions influence heart attacks and stroke, as well as acute exacerbations with seizures, due to epilepsy?

Details how poor sleep hygiene causes health problems The same page in Spanish “Respiración rápida al dormir (La respiración pesada reduce el O2 corporal)”

Various Western clinical studies show that early morning hours (about 4am-7am), people with chronic diseases commonly experience the highest exacerbations of their diseases, and they have the highest mortality rate, due to hyperventilation or breathing more than the medical norms.

Asthma attacks and deaths have the highest chance of happening during these early morning hours. Fortunately, breathing exercises have shown, to be able to lower or completely get rid of asthma symptoms, and lessen the use of the main bronchodilator medications (such as Ventolin) by about 90 percent. This was shown with the Buteyko breathing technique in 6 randomized controlled clinical trials. The British Thoracic Society gave it a much higher rating, in comparison to meditation, nutritional invention, yoga methods, or any other tested complementary therapy.

Similarly, in COPD patients, sleep has harmful effects on their breathing and gas exchange (see Urbano & Mohsenin, 2006). Likewise, Coronary spasm occurs, after night fall to early morning hours (Yasue & Kugiyama, 1997). This happens as a result of patients hyperventilating. While American cardiologists from Georgetown University Medical Center, found that for the majority of patients, who died suddenly, “there was a circadian variation of all tested SCDS”(sudden cardiac deaths) (see Behrens et al, 1997). The deaths of these patients occurred during the morning hours as well.

More about good sleep hygiene and how to create better conditions for sleep The same page in Spanish “Higiene de buena dormida | Cómo dormir” .

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