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Part 8. Mindfulness and Meditation with Buteyko Reduced Breathing Exercise, Use of Cortisol…

Artour Rakhimov Mindfulness and meditation with Buteyko reduced breathing exercise, use of cortisol and other techniques While the original Buteyko method has very little related to training of the mind or mindfulness, there were developments in this area. Breathing exercises are among first most ancient meditation techniques: Patrick McKeown, a Buteyko teacher from Ireland, […]

Part 7. Grounding (Earthing) vs Barefoot Walking for NormalBreathing and Buteyko courses

Artour Rakhimov Part 7. Grounding (or Earthing) vs barefoot walking technique for NormalBreathing and Buteyko breathing courses. The NormalBreathing became the first Buteyko course that introduced Grounding (Earthing) as a part of breathing retraining. Dr. Buteyko and his colleagues discovered that barefoot walking is beneficial for breathing retraining. One of the written sources that mentions […]

Part 6. Sleep and Breathing Retraining: NormalBreathing vs Buteyko course

Artour Rakhimov Part 6. Sleep and Breathing Retraining: NormalBreathing course vs original or classical Buteyko course Dr. KP Buteyko developed simple rules in relation to sleep, prevention of insomnia and higher morning CP: go to sleep when you are really sleepy and get out of the bed in the morning (do not stay in bed). […]

Part 5. Diet for breathing retraining: NormalBreathing vs. Buteyko course

Artour Rakhimov Previous known ideas related to the Buteyko breathing technique mainly provided general rules: – Eat only when you are hungry – Stop in time – Raw foods are better since they do not intensify minute ventilation (or breathing) as mush as cooked foods – Vegetarian diets have advantages but not for all people […]

Part 4. Physical exercise for breath retraining: NormalBreathing vs Buteyko courses

Artour Rakhimov Teaching sports and physical exercise for the NormalBreathing course is based on the Breathing-Exercise Charts that provide additional practical ideas related to the use of physical exercise for other CP zones, as well as new ideas related to timing and distribution of exercise with routines. In the past, for the original Buteyko method, […]

Part 3. Buteyko Breathing Exercises vs. NormalBreathing Exercises

Artour Rakhimov Historical changes in durations of Buteyko breathing sessions; from 10-15 min (1970s) to 30-40 min (in 1980s), and then to 15-20 min (in 20th century). Evolvement for the NB course: start with Frolov or DIY devices and later progressed to Buteyko breathing exercises. The original idea to combine the Buteyko method with breathing […]

Part 2. Promotion of breathing retraining: Buteyko vs NormalBreathing

Artour Rakhimov So, what are the differences for the NormalBreathing course in comparison with the Buteyko method taught by Soviet doctors? 1. Promotion of the NormalBreathing course is based on the idea of improving body oxygen levels. In the past, the first ideas related to promotion were based on: – The Buteyko breathing method – […]

What is Buteyko method? How to define Buteyko breathing technique?

Artour Rakhimov Part 1. What is the Buteyko method? How to define the Buteyko breathing technique? Many Buteyko practitioners have been involved in trials, teaching new students and practitioners. This video presentation is about Dr. Artour Rakhimov’s vision related to innovations and developments in breathing retraining and teaching the Buteyko method. Directions of developments and […]