Training of Buteyko Practitioners – Testimonial (by Misha Sakharoff)

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Misha Sakharoff Testimonial about His Buteyko Practitioner Training with Artour Rakhimov

This is a video testimonial from a Buteyko breathing teacher and educator Misha Sakharoff (, who lives near Copenhagen, Denmark. Misha Sakharoff tells us about his experiencec about his breathing Buteyko trainer Dr. Artour Rakhimov (

Misha Sakharoff says that he got a lot of inspiration from Artour Rakhimov and discovered new ideas and techniques related to exercise, sleep, diet, and other lifestyle factors. All these factors help to slow down breathing at rest and increase body oxygen levels to higher numbers. This causes a profound effect on easing or disappearance of symptoms and chronic diseases.

Slower breathing and better body oxygenation is a great natural home remedy that helps people with blocked or stuffy nose, chronic cough (even at night), insomnia, constipation, and many other common symptoms. However, the main power of breathing retraining (permanent changes in automatic breathing patterns) relates to its ability to cure or treat chronic diseases.

Misha Sakharoff currently specializes on application of breathing retraining to cancer (oncology), with amazing results (complete remission from leukemia and other serious cases), and other serious health problems while cooperating with medical doctors and health specialists.

More details about training of Buteyko practitioners by Dr. Artour Rakhimov (courses and classes for Buteyko breathing teachers) can be discovered on this webpage .

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The video features Misha Sakharoff who speaks about Dr. Artour Rakhimov, health educator, writer, breathing teacher and trainer of Buteyko practitioners, author of

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