Video: Om of Gong: Mediation Music to Slow Breath, Relax and Heal

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Om of Gong: Mediation Music to Slow Breath, Relax and Heal

By Volker Schmitz (music composer)

 Om of Gong (Album description)

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Om of Gong is designed to lead the listener into the sounds of the gongs to induce the spirit of meditation, relaxation and healing. The gong produces the most profound OM sound of all instruments. OM is the sacred mantra which represents god. The listener has the chance to become one with god if listening meditatively.

The role of melodies and harmonies are changed for this reason, because the attraction lies in the OM. The composer played in a gamelan orchestra, and he applied his experience for that purpose. The album can be used to slow down breathing intensifying positive effects of meditation to relax and heal the body.

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The most effective way to use meditation music is to combine it with the Buteyko reduced breathing exercise: the main exercise for the clinical therapy that was used for the best ever known clinical trial on cancer and 6 most effective trials on asthma.

Description of each part:

01-Lost in Gong – Tibetan Bells For Meditation, Relaxation, and Healing

The instrumentation of this piece is ever decreasing till the point when you can only here Tibetan Bells and Instruments of Gamelan orchestra especially Gongs.

02-Reduced Breathing-Meditate, Slow Breath and Heal Yourself

A homage to the efficiency of the Buteyko Breathing Method and breathing slower and less for healing and relaxation (for explanation of it, see: A guitar is playing with gongs and finds new melodies to communicate this important massage.

03-Gong and Flute Induce Meditation

A flute in Chinese zen manner plays meditative phrases and tones together with harps and Gamelan gongs to induce meditation.

04-The Vision – Guitar-Based Music Composition

Fernando Sor: The Etude in B Minor is transposed to D minor together with a Didgeridoo and drums and gongs played in a cave like environment. It is a experimental short piece that shows us a vision born out of silence of the mind.

05-Jade and Gong at a Small River-Music to Relax and Heal

Gamelan instruments like Bells and Tibetan Gongs are played together with a harp and different Synthesizers. Nature sounds completing the experience of the Gongs. The communication between two little birds can be heard. It will enhance communication, because the river and the birds are symbols for it and the Tibetan gong gives them the energy of the gods.

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Thanks for listening!

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