How to Fall Asleep Fast (Easy Breathing Exercise)


This video helps to “Fall Asleep Fast” using a simple breathing exercise (natural home remedy) how to get to sleep quickly and fall asleep in 1-2 minutes using the legendary Buteyko method.

Problems with falling asleep quickly and insomnia are due to overexcited nerve cells caused by too low CO2 levels in the brain cells. Low CO2 is common in modern people as this YouTube video shows. The main cause of reduced CO2 levels in the brain and body cells is breathing excessive amount of air that causes problems with sleep. Hyperventilation causes numerous other health problems including bronchospasm, constriction of arteries and arterioles, suppressed immunity, generations of free radicals, muscle tension, chronic fatigue, and advance of chronic diseases.

Hyperventilation (overbreathing) is very common in modern people and tens of studies have found (see the chart at the start of this video). Overbreathing is also common in people with chronic diseases (cancer, asthma, heart disease, diabetes, extra weight, etc.) who are also trying to solve this problem: how to fall asleep fast.

This breathing exercise “how to fall asleep fast” is a great home remedy. It is also known as reduced or shallow breathing and it increases body oxygen levels. The same breathing exercise was used for the best ever known clinical trial on cancer, and 6 most effective trials on asthma.

The exercise is useful for people with poor sleep and insomnia and anyone who wants to fall asleep sooner while using natural tricks and tips. This method or home remedy is more effective than typical advice provided by HowCast.

Instead of a large deep inhalation as in people with insomnia, it is suggested to take a little less air for usual inhalations, and relax all body muscles for exhalations. Breathing little less air has numerous benefits for the brain and body. It creates light air hunger and promotes increased CO2 levels in the lungs and, for most people, in the arterial blood. As a result, normalization of CO2 causes vasodilation and increased Bohr effect that promote better O2 transport. In addition, CO2 calm down nerve cells and help to fall asleep much faster.

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