Elevation Training Mask 2.0 Review (For Sports, Running, VO2max, Fitness and Health)

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Elevation Training Mask 2.0 Review by Dr. Artour Rakhimov, an individual coach of 2 World Champions

Training Mask

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The Elevation Training Mask 2.0 is a breathing device mainly used by professional athletes to improve fitness and sport performance.

Training Mask 1.0 is similar to military gas masks. Version 2.0 or Elevation Training Mask 2.0 does not restrict eye vision.

The Training Mask can be continuously used during different types of physical exercise by people who like running, or practice yoga, martial arts, mountain climbing, extreme sports, and so on.

Is it similar to UltraBreathe, Expand-a-Lung, and some other respiratory devices used by athletes and exercising people for sports and running?

It is different since one can use the Training Mask continuously during exercise for up to 1-2 hours per day or even more than that.

Training Mask reduces minute ventilation (volume of breathing) during exercise. This means that the body adapts to higher CO2 levels, and this makes breathing slower and easier during and after physical exercise.

As a result of adaptation to slower and easier breathing during exercise and at rest, the person experiences dramatic positive effects related to shorter and more refreshing sleep, faster and better digestion, greatly amplified energy levels, and many others.

The URL of this video is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgpUJGt8uBI  – Training Mask 2.0.

The video features Dr. Artour Rakhimov, health educator, writer, breathing teacher and trainer, a coach of 2 World Champions, and the author of the website NormalBreathing.com.

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