This is a complain that I just submitted

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This is a complain that I just submitted to

These books got numerous broken lines in their descriptions:

My understanding is that there is some security intelligence scumbag (a brainless secret pest who got paid from the state or our taxes). The only logical explanation that I have is that these intelligence scumbags regularly interfere with the normal work of Amazon system. I had this garbage with my books for many months repeated dozens of times. I repeat that I tried to paste a pure code from a text file into Amazon Central, but there are again and again broken lines in the descriptions of my books.

My questions for you are following:
Where can I find a lawyer to deal with this vomiting breed of highly secretive scumbags who are called “security intelligence” or “national security” and who hacked your system?
Did Amazon top officials authorize these security intelligence scumbags to interfere with your work?
Will you keep all these incidents with descriptions of my books recorded in your files so that there is evidence that can be provided in a court?

Thanks and sorry for creating problems for you too.

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