Breathslim Review – Can Breathslim Help with Weight Loss and Diseases?

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Breathslim Review – For Weight Loss and Diseases

The Breathslim is an FDA-approved breathing device that is featured for weight loss. The Breathslim device is very similar, in its geometry and physiological effects, to the legendary Frolov breathing device developed by Vladimir Frolov. The Frolov device has been endorsed and promoted by more than 500 medical doctors and Russia.

They conducted numerous published clinical trials on people with diabetes, heart disease, and many other conditions. The best effects though were found on respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis, COPD, emphysema and some other conditions. Obviously, obese people who suffer from any of these conditions, can get double benefits from Breathslim: reduction in symptoms and weight loss provided that these people improve their breathing.

Shedding pounds is only a side effect of breathing retraining. The other great benefits of Breathslim are better sleep, improved digestion, an ability of the body to burn fat naturally due to improved metabolism caused by the vasodilation effect of carbon dioxide (which is the most potent known vasodilator).

However, breathing retraining requires much more than just using Breathslim for breathing exercises every day (up to 40-120 min daily). A person can progress fast and lose weight rapidly with lifestyle changes that make breathing easier and body oxygenation higher naturally. This relates to avoidance of supine sleep, prevention of mouth breathing during sleep and exercise, correct posture, normal thermoregulation (no cold showers for those who have less than 20 s O2) and other common sense changes.

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Note that lifestyle factors are very individual. Many people cannot lose weight due to supine sleep or chronic mouth breathing or chest breathing. Some people have cavities in teeth (caries) or other focal infections, such as Athletes feet. Even root canals and mercury amalgams can cause serious health problems and inability of the person to train or change his or her breathing pattern.

You can find more details about Breathslim and its effects, together with the optimum program of breathing exercises and breathing retraining (with free lifestyle Modules) on pages of, with some extra information on pages of

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Do not forget that you need to use warm or hot water inside Breathslim if you suffer from inflammation of airways common for people with bronchial asthma and bronchitis. Cold water makes airway inflammation worse due to heat losses caused by air friction.

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