For many years, some mysterious force pe

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For many years, some mysterious force persecuted Buteyko movement in Russia. Over 100 Siberian MDs stopped teaching the method, while there were several assassination attempts to kill Dr. Buteyko. Later, similar persecutions took place against the most active promoter of the method on the West: Sasha or Alexander Stalmatski, who was first in Australia, then moved to the UK, and then ended up in Far East. (Would you agree that 99% of healers and health practitioners stay at the same place for the life?) The favorite method of surviving KGB GULAG agents is to organize murders (it is sensible since these scumbags were conditioned, like pests, to murder, with about 15-20 millions disposed of).
Later, I discovered that murders accompanied my neighborhood or arrival to some place, when it was known via (unsafe) internet that I was supposed to arrive somewhere.
The surviving KGB GULAG leftovers are very snoopy and watching everywhere (emails, Skype, etc.) for tracing people and what they do. During last years, I have been travelling without much publicity, but yesterday, when I had a lecture in University College Cork, Ireland, one of the active Buteyko believers sent about 100 emails inviting people to come to the talk….
Let us see what these highly “creative” scumbags and Siberian KGB-pupils invent in relation to what they discovered online and hate.

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