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I discovered some trick that is regularly (for more than 1 year) done with my nearly all Amazon books. When one is looking for a book on a certain topic, they read book descriptions. After the book cover image, this is the most important factor that makes people decided to buy this book or not. Hence, descriptions are VERY IMPORTANT. (And there are highly state-paid clowns who claim that they protect public safety and fight terrorism, and who know about importance of descriptions.)

Some days ago, I discovered that most of my book descriptions were screwed up (with numerous empty lines, or vice versa, all text was scrambled together in a single huge paragraph – the extremes which are so adored by the community of intelligent clowns). Yesterday, I updated all descriptions and they were all ok.

Today I went online minutes ago again, and wow…. This is my most popular Kindle book, on yoga:
The description of this book has 3 (!) empty lines between each 2 consecutive paragraphs.

I assume that, due to a highly artistic nature of the intelligent clowns, next time, there could be 5 or 7 empty lines between paragraphs.

This Kindle book had the same description as paperback book on yoga which is still ok now:
But I pasted 100% the same code and it was the same yesterday.

Of course, I cannot guarantee that you will see will be the same as I (or you) will see later or even at the same time.

If you want to witness more crap (deliberately created by some hatred-full intelligent moron), here are we go with the description of the DIY device book:
What would you notice here?

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