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Breathslim Review – Can Breathslim Help with Weight Loss and Diseases?

Breathslim Review – For Weight Loss and Diseases The Breathslim is an FDA-approved breathing device that is featured for weight loss. The Breathslim device is very similar, in its geometry and physiological effects, to the legendary Frolov breathing device developed by Vladimir Frolov. The Frolov device has been endorsed and promoted by more than 500 […]

Normal Respiratory Rate – Respiration or Breathing Frequency

Normal Respiratory Rate — Respiration-Breathing Frequency Respiratory rate (respiration rate, breathing frequency, breathing rate, ventilation rate, pulmonary ventilation rate, and respiratory frequency) is the number of breaths that a person takes during one minute. The normal value for an adult is 10-12 breaths per minute at rest. Medical research suggests breathing frequency is the indicator […]

Finally, the PDF version of the sleep bo

Finally, the PDF version of the sleep book is on the site. This book will later be available, in a modified (probably reduced) version, on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback formats. Currently, it is in PDF format only, and you can get its full version here, but a few changes (in grammar) are possible:

For many years, some mysterious force pe

For many years, some mysterious force persecuted Buteyko movement in Russia. Over 100 Siberian MDs stopped teaching the method, while there were several assassination attempts to kill Dr. Buteyko. Later, similar persecutions took place against the most active promoter of the method on the West: Sasha or Alexander Stalmatski, who was first in Australia, then […]